Rock Hall & Cedar Point Trip

Now that the school has officially approved the trip, here is the information.

  • This is a 2 day trip beginning Friday, May 10th and returning after midnight on Sunday, May 12th. Here is the itinerary and relevant information (packing list, etc.)

    • The trip includes round trip round trip motorcoach; one night water park hotel stay, with private nighttime hotel security; one breakfast, one dinner, and one festival meal; admission to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, participation in the Music in the Parks festival, admission to Cedar Point.

    • Listed in the itinerary is the amount of $ they may need to bring to cover meals not included, extra attractions at the hotel if they choose, and if they want souvenirs.

    • There is optional trip insurance available through the tour company and information can be obtained from Mrs. Moniaci.

  • This trip is open for all marching band students and it’s hoped that all of them can attend. Chaperones will be needed (please understand you will have to go though a background check).

  • Mrs. Moniaci should already have an emergency medical form for each student. If she doesn’t, a fillable PDF form is available here.

  • The cost of the trip is based on all 49 students attending with 4 chaperones. This is a 55 passenger bus and if all students go, some chaperones may have to drive.

  • The cost of the trip is below, along with your ability to pay online. When the number of people changes, the cost of the trip changes. Please understand that these costs are not final. Based on the numbers above, the trip should cost between $390-$425. The payment schedule is:

    • Payment 1 due October 15 - $100

    • Payment 2 due November 15 - $90

    • Payment 3 due February 15 - $90

    • Payment 4 due March 15 - Remaining balance based on actual numbers.

    • NOTE - We still have outstanding balances owed for band fees and merchandise (including those who forget gloves/socks and are given them, they still need to pay for them). Payments for this trip will first be applied to outstanding balances. If you are unsure if you have an outstanding balance and the amount, please contact the boosters.

    • We have already made the down payment to the tour company, which has been more than your first payment, so payments need to be made.

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Rock Hall & Cedar Point Trip
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