TCN Band Handbook and Agreement Form, Information Form

Below is the handbook and agreement form, as well as the band information form.  They may also be downloaded here.  The agreement form at the end of this page (or at the end of the downloaded document) must be returned to the band office before the marching band season begins.


Tri-County North High School

Department of Instrumental Music Handbook


 This Handbook will serve as an overall guide to the Tri-County North Band Programs.

Through student cooperation and parental understanding of the rules and regulations, everyone associated with the program will have the opportunity to receive a uniquely outstanding artistic, social, and educational experience.

 In this handbook you will find most of the information that you will need concerning the Marching and Concert Band Programs.  Please read all the information and be aware of all policies, as they will pertain to all persons involved in the program.  Students who choose to be members of the Tri-County North Band automatically by his/her choice agree to be familiar with and abide by all of the policies pertaining to this activity.  Please note the calendar included at the end of this packet.  Updated calendars will be passed out as the season progresses.

 I highly encourage parents to attend and participate in our parental booster group.  The booster group helps furnish the band with the things we need to look and sound good.  We are always looking for volunteers to assist with one of the many activities that the Band Boosters have organized to render assistance to the Music Department. 

Band members will contribute virtually countless hours of hard, concentrated efforts toward the goal of producing a superior musical organization.  Although the efforts are appreciated, they are assumed and necessary if the band is to achieve the highest level of excellence.

Before any student may participate in anything, the Agreement form and the Medical Form must be completed and returned to Mrs. Moniaci.

I am excited about the upcoming season. I have a very dedicated group of student that will produce a high quality of musical performance. If you have any questions or concerns please call the school or email me at  I am looking forward to a great marching band season!


Mrs. Terra Moniaci
Director of Bands
Tri-County North High School



Tri-County Band Marching Band Oath

We, the dedicated members of the Tri-County North Marching Band, believe in upholding our traditions of dedication, determination, discipline, and pride. While respecting all members of the TCN Band Family, we will commit to consistent musical and visual improvement. Through cooperation and perseverance, we will achieve unity, excellence and lasting friendships, ultimately developing the skills necessary for success in band and in life.



Six Rules/Guidelines for Every Band Member


1.      Be on time and present to all band events dressed properly.

2.      Maintain your instrument in good playing condition.

3.      Respect all school equipment.  If you do not normally play it don’t try.

4.      Respect your directors, chaperones and fellow band members.

5.      Be able to follow instructions at all times.

6.      Understand that criticism is not a personal insult, but an effective, efficient, and necessary method of problem solving.


Remember that membership in the band requires special effort from a special kind of student because band is in reality a “public class” with its final results being concerts, contests and performances.


Attendance Policy

The band program will put demands on the time of the student during the course of the year.  This however is not to be used as an excuse for tardy or incomplete work in academic classes.  It does require the student to plan ahead carefully and to utilize their time to the fullest.


1.  At least two weeks notice will be given to all band members for performances, functions, and most rehearsals.

2.      Once notice has been given, all band members are REQUIRED to attend.

3.      The only excuse for missing a band function would be a family emergency or personal illness.  To be excused, you have to have a doctor’s note.  Other situations that would cause a student to miss practice (sports, family, etc.)  needs to be communicated with the director prior to the rehearsal.

4.      If a student must miss a band function, the parents should notify Mrs. Moniaci in writing at least one week before the activity.

5.      If the procedure is not followed, the student will be counted un-excused from that event.

 6.      Unexcused Absence:  Students who have an unexcused absence may be subject to one or more of the following consequences at the discretion of the directors:

• Make up missed time.

• Loss of spot as a section leader.

• Loss of marching privilege for one game.

• Removal from the marching band and loss of physical education waiver.

7.      Every performance is graded. If a student misses a performance and they are unexcused, he/she will receive an “F.”

8.      I realize a lot of students are involved in other sports, coaches and I will work out a plan that will utilize both of our time to the fullest.  It is the student’s responsibility to give Mrs. Moniaci a sports schedule and at least one week’s notice on any conflict. Usually the fairest way is to miss practice is to miss an equal amount of each practice.  If there is a conflict with a performance, it needs to be brought to my attention immediately.

9.      If a student is absent from practices, and the directors feel he/she cannot march the show or play the music, he will stand on the sideline during half-time until they can perform the show at a competent level.  We want to look our best.

10.  If you do not come to practice prepared your grade will be lowered and you may receive a running/plank punishment.  If continual problems consist the following consequences may by used at the discretion of the director.

• Loss of spot as a section leader.

• Loss of Third quarter privileges.

Please note: I can be reached at school at (937) 962-2675, or at




“To be early is to be on time, To be on time is to be late, To be late is to be left behind.”


Students are expected to be punctual in arriving to all band functions.  For example, if the rehearsal is set for 2:30, the student should arrive prior to that time so that the function can begin promptly at 2:30.

Tardiness at a performance could result in a non-performance unless a parent is present to offer reasonable justification for the tardiness.

If you miss the bus to an event it is not acceptable to “meet us there.”


School Rules


All school rules apply any time you are at a Tri-County North Band related function.

Disrespect to any Director or Chaperone will not be tolerated.  Disrespect will result in an immediate suspension from band until the situation can be resolved.

Disruptive Behavior or any other violation of the band policies could result in severe disciplinary action.


Remember that membership in the band requires special effort from a special kind of student because band is in reality a “public class” with its final results being concerts, contests and performances.


Marching Band Stand Conduct During Games

1.      Good bands are organized and ready to perform at all times while in the stands.

2.      Be Alert!!  Watch the game and the directors.  Things often happen quickly so be ready!

3.      Do not play you instrument unless the entire band is playing.

4.      Do not invite you friends to sit with you in the stands or hang out in the band room before or after games.  Visit them third quarter.

5.      Refreshments are reserved for third quarter only.  Sometimes we may have water available during the first half of the game.

6.      Watch your instrument constantly so that it is not stolen or damaged.

7.      Stay in FULL uniform unless told differently by the director.

8.      Never leave the band without permission from the director.

9.      Remember that you are on display and represent TCN Schools at all times while in uniform.


Third Quarter

 1.      Make certain that you instrument is safe when leaving to get refreshments.

2.      DO NOT bring food back into the stands.

3.      DO NOT LEAVE THE STADIUM under any circumstances.

4.      You are expected to be in your seat and ready to play at the end of the third quarter.

5.      Violations of these policies will result in the loss of third quarter privileges.


Bus Conduct

1.      The bus driver is in control and the chaperones will assist the driver.

2.      Do not board or load equipment until you are asked.

3.      Stay on the bus until you are told to unload.

4.      When leaving away football games, all windows must remain up until further notice is given.

5.      Be on time for departures!  Depending on the situation as determined by the director, you are subject to being left behind if you miss the departure time.  If you are left behind, the parents will be notified immediately.

6.      Maintain TWO people per seat.

7.      All seats should remain free of coats and equipment until all people have found a seat.

8.      Do not yell, stick your arms out, or throw things from the bus windows.

9.      Use the restroom before we leave.  Do not expect the bus to stop.

10.  Leave the bus as you found it---clean and with the windows up.

11.  Do not forget to thank the bus driver and the chaperones for their assistance in making our trip safe.

12.  Do not ask permission to drive to band events.  We go as a group and return as a group.

13.  If there is special reason that a band member will not be able to ride the bus to or from an event, then special arrangements should be made by parent one week prior to the day of the event.  An administrator who will pass the written statement on to Mrs. Moniaci must sign a written request.  The administrator’s signature must be on the note.  I must also see you arrive or leave with your parents.  At that point Mrs. Moniaci and the TCN Schools is not responsible for the student.



Grading Procedures

 Marching Band

  Every performance is graded.  If a student attends the function on time, in the correct uniform, and performs to the best of his ability, he/she will receive an “A” for that performance.  If he/she is un-excused from a performance, does not wear the correct uniform, is late, or does not perform according to the expectations and guidelines of the band, then a lower grade will be issued.  Practices will also count as a small part of the overall grade.  If you are late to a practice or leave early and it is unexcused a lower grade will be given. All playing tests, written tests, and try-outs will also be graded and averaged in with the nine weeks grades. 


Concert Band

The students will be evaluated on their participation in the class during concert band.  Every performance is graded.  Performances at contest will count as a double grade, and like marching band class participation is part of your grade.  Students will be required to attend at least one after school sectional before District Contest.  Playing tests and written test will also be averaged in.


Students following all the above guidelines will receive an A.  Participation in extra activities (Jazz Band, S & E, Private Lessons, All County Band, etc.) will count toward extra credit and a student may earn a higher average by participating in these extra groups.  A student may also earn extra credit in the class by writing a two page typed paper on an approved concert that he has attended during the nine weeks.  In the unlikely event that the student is unable to maintain a “D” average, he will be placed on probationary status with the understanding that improvement is necessary to remain in the class.



If at any time throughout the season a student has lower than a 2.0 GPA they will be required to come to study tables with me Mondays and Tuesdays until the GPA is above a 2.0.


I STRONGLY encourage private lessons.  If you need help finding someone to give you lessons, please come to me and I will find someone for you to study with.

You, as a musician are responsible for being able to play all of you music at any given time.  There will be random music checks throughout the year.  This is sort of like a pop quiz.  In order to do well on these “pop quizzes” you need to be able to play your part at all times.  You do not have technical homework assignments, but your assignment is to practice until you can play every note with accuracy and feeling.  Music is an art, and in the world of the arts, there is no room for mediocrity.  I expect nothing but your absolute BEST!!!!!



MISC. Items

Alumni Band

This was started last year and was a huge success.  I will continue to need a lot of help to make this evening success.  I need parents to check in the alumni, help with the meal, and overall crowd control because it is a big night!!!!


Meals before home games

It has become our traditions to have a “team meal” before all of the home games.  The band boosters have been providing the meat or main dish and we ask that all families be prepared to bring in something to share.  We try to split it up and change what kids bring but if you have something specific you want to bring that is fine. If there is a parent that would like to volunteer the for the Main dish please let us know. 



Chaperones and Chaperone Guidelines


Chaperones perform a vital function at all band events.  Parents are asked to volunteer their services to the Band or directly to the director for the purpose of adequately supervising student behavior.

This year there will be one or two head chaperones that are expected to help assist the other chaperones as to what needs to be done.  (Packing equipment, loading and unloading, water, uniforms, etc.)  Yes, these head chaperones will be expected to be at every event.


Chaperone guidelines at Marching Band Functions

1.      Chaperones should report to the school are the same time the students are to arrive.

2.      Upon arriving at away football games, at least two chaperones should assist Mrs. Moniaci in locating and securing the band seats.

3.      The chaperones should make certain that no spectators sit with the band.

4.      Chaperones should sit near the band to discourage any problems that might occur.

5.      Chaperones are empowered to non-violently enforce the expectations and rules of the band.

6.      Band members should not be allowed to leave the designated seating or performance area for any reason except with direct permission from Mrs. Moniaci or the flag corp. director.

7.      Students should remain in full uniform while on public display before, during, and after performance unless otherwise stated by director.

8.      Over emotional displays of temperament are discouraged by chaperones.

9.      Chaperones are to assist in entering and leaving the seats to travel to the performance area.

10.  Chaperones should keep the students on the bus until notified by one of the band staff.

11.  After the bus has returned to the school, chaperones should inspect the buses and bring all lost and found items to the directors.

12.  Chaperones are to follow the same basic rules as the students; this means that there is to be no smoking or drinking while you are with the band.


Chaperone Summary

The successful chaperone is a person who is understanding, yet firm, helpful, yet demanding, compassionate, yet uncompromising and most importantly a person able to adhere to the goals and commitments of the band program.

Students dislike chaperones that are not consistent in their behavior patterns or nice to the point of being useless. Overall, students know that they need effective chaperones to remind them of their limitations and to be of assistance and to be of assistance in time of need.


Tri-County North Band Agreement Form


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Parents - Please sign this agreement form, showing you have also read the handbook and understand the rules and regulations of the TCN Band.
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